As a pioneer in the area of augmented reality technology, Metaio developed software products for systems driven by visual interaction in both real and virtual worlds. Metaio, headquartered in Munich with subsidiaries in San Francisco, New York City and Dallas, provided a SDK for programming augmented reality applications and developed the first AR browser called Junaio. With renowned projects such as the IKEA AR Catalogue application, the LEGO Digital Box, VW MARTHA for the XL-1 hybrid and the Audi e-Kurzinfo app, Metaio had a substantial impact in bringing AR technology to the masses. I was the Senior PR Manager and responsible for all communications in the EMEA region.

The IKEA Catalogue app enables you to bring virtual furniture into your room, like magic. More than 200 pieces from the catalogue can be tested as well as image galleries, videos and 360° experiences.

The LEGO Digital Box developed by Metaio and rolled out in all Lego stores worldwide, was a huge success for the Danish retailer. The AR kiosk combines 3D animation with video, and the completed LEGO toy is projected on screen on top of the box. Kids AND adults loved it.

Volkswagen teamed up with Metaio to develop the first Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistant App (MARTA) which employed AR to offer instructions on the hybrid diesel’s mechanical operations:

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