DIGILITY 2017 – Entering a fascinating world of AR & VR visions

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Our first DIGILITY in 2016 is just 7 months away and I can feel this little tingling in my fingers again. The curiosity awakened and I’m proud to be part of DIGILITY’s team. Our goal is to create a fascinating event with mind-blowing presentations on stage, sensational demos in the expo and heated debates all over the Conference Center in Cologne on 05th/06th of July.

Let’s discuss the future of augmented and virtual reality together! Let’s show the world the impact of these technologies, let’s see how we could connect adjacent technologies and industries to create the best solutions and spectacular and valuable use cases. Be visionary and let’s dream together!

The world is created by all of us and bringing together all AR and VR enthusiasts is the best way to connect our visions and to walk together on our mission to make AR and VR changing the way we live and how we interact with each other.

Become an active part of DIGILITY 2017 and send us your proposal for speaking at or becoming actively involved into the event.

I can’t wait to see what the industry is working on and to see you again in Cologne!



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