„Augmented and virtual reality are gaining ground unstoppably.  2017 will be the year of better and affordable gadgets. Let’s develop mind-blowing content for it TODAY and start communications for your experiences and business NOW. I’m your partner if you are looking for strong and focused communications and an international media network.“


Finding my profession was about understanding my inner self.  The projects I’m working on today are real passion projects.  When I had my first experience with Augmented Reality, I felt what most first time users probably feel: a strong WOW and goose bumps. I still have this feeling, and my brain is constantly working on ideas where AR can be applied for productive use cases. There is not one field in life where I can’t imagine AR technology would be enormously supportive, entertaining and highly effective.

In recent years, I have learned a lot about new technologies like AR and VR and got addicted very fast – a long time before there was hype around them. When I was working for Metaio – an Augmented Reality company and pioneers in this field – I had the chance to see and promote many fascinating use cases.  I understood that this technology is not only impressive for a moment, but it can change our lives – for good.

There is endless potential for virtual reality and I am astonished nearly every day by new applications coming from the entertainment and marketing industry. But I want more. I want to see productive, high-value uses cases in different industries. And this is what I’m working for with my customers: Finding the diamonds and letting the world know about them.

With my clients from the technology sector,  I am bringing our passion for technology together with my fascination for communication.

Anett Gläsel-Maslov_S:W

Photo: Mona Dadari Photography