Successful international communications for immersive experiences & event management for frontier technologies


Augmented Reality 

AR is THE future technology of our everyday lives. Current applications have attracted widespread fascination and huge investments are seen worldwide. No matter how we will experience our environment, AR will be there – immersive, supportive and astounding. I offer a worldwide network and provide professional communications based on my expertise in this industry.


Virtual Reality

Together with AR, both technologies‘ revenue forecast will hit $120 billion by 2020 [according to DIGI Capital] and it’s time to invest now. Let’s take your audience on a ride into virtual worlds and discover new possibilities. From entertainment to educational experiences, VR is a stunning technology for connecting and enthuse people. But don’t let the hype make you visible for a short-term only. Profound PR strategies mixed with creative communications will drive your business.



Events, exhibitions and shows are the perfect way to showcase products and technologies, to represent your company and to connect people. From corporate events to independent conferences, from press launches to fireside chats – my experience in event management will bring real value to you in exceeding your objectives. With my established and international network we can reach your target audience and goals.

Anett Gläsel-Maslov

Image: Sarah Söhlemann

Anett Gläsel-Maslov

Anett is a PR & Event Consultant and former Senior PR Manager of Metaio, the Augmented Reality Company. She gives advice in regards to successful international launch strategies & market influencers and implements your PR strategies for immersive technologies – worldwide. She is passionate about AR/VR/MR experiences, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and has deep knowledge about international PR for tech companies and in organising events with a focus on innovative technologies.
In 2017, Anett was honored with the Founder’s Award start2grow as „Digitial Female Entrepreneur“.


„This is a time of change and promising developments. A unique chance to alter our personal lives, the way we work and collaborate together, the way we entertain ourselves and the way we learn from each other. It’s our responsibility to develop technology into something good, which is ethically and morally justifiable.

Together with you, we are bringing together our passion for technology with my fascination for communications.“ 


  • cindy-chinAnett is the consummate professional and her attention to detail in PR efforts is outstanding. Having worked with her in professional speaking capacities and during her corporate roles, she transfers her expertise and professionalism in both realms. Her mastery of PR campaigns and outreach efforts are consistent from idea inception, execution, and follow-through. Her focused communications and knowledge of gamechanging and frontier technologies is bar none. She comes highly recommended.

    - Cindy Chin, CLC Advisors, LLC
  • Anett and I have been collaborating on multiple emerging technology projects with major brands over the past years.  In addition to her great ability to communicate complex technical concepts to a wide audience, spanning from general media to communities around digital special interest groups, Anett has a tremendous gift to unite partners to create real value for their network. Working with her is always based on constructive collaboration and trust. Ultimately it is a lot of fun.

    - Alissia Iljaitsch, IQ Gemini

    axlWorking with Anett, also in demanding projects, is always forceful and enriching. Her commitment, her empathy and her worldwide network to decision-makers in media and business have contributed significantly to our project’s success. Not to forget her sense of humor, which is still present under the greatest pressure. Looking forward to the next challenge, Anett!

    - Axel Dalheimer, CEO Leadcom
  • astrid-kahmkeAnett is like a ballet dancer, who knows all styles and stages to perfectly perform for your specific target groups. She knows how to create successful campaigns, balances all needs, has the right timing and rhythm, and before all, a profound knowledge of technology and innovation themes.

    Anett is an important part of the AR and VR community and full of passion for what she is doing. To work with her means: no more thoughts about PR and communications. You get a real partnership on eye-level with a very passionate, loyal and highly professional. To work with Anett means to enter PR 4.0.

    - Astrid Kahmke, Bavarian Film Centre
  • Key qualifications

    AR and VR Expertise
    PR counselling and planning
    Corporate  communications
    Creative storytelling
    Interviews & press events

    Influencer relations
    Social media management
    Competitor & stakeholder analysis

     Event covering
     Event conception
    Event management & organisation